Other Products

See the other products that the SPCCU offers below.

Other Products

Money (CU 2 CU) Transfer

Credit Union to Credit Union transfers are money remittances that are sent from one credit union to another. This service allows members to send money to friend and relatives abroad.

Money can be transferred to:

  • St. Kitts Co-operative Credit Union
  • Nevis Co-operative credit union
  • St John’s Co-operative Credit Union Ltd (in Antigua)
  • Central Co-operative Credit Union (in Dominica)
  • Liberty Co-operative Credit Union (in Anguilla)


Payroll services

The SPCCU payroll service allows business owners to have time for important matters by handling all their employees’ salaries and deductions.

These include taxes and social security. The payroll cheques get deposited to your employees’ accounts at SPCCU


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