Savings Products

Want to start a savings account? We have several options for you to choose from. Learn More Below.


Primary Savings

A primary savings account is opened once you become a member of the SPCCU. This account gives members a safe place to deposit their money and is geared towards helping members to achieve their financial goals. Save any amount which you can afford. A minimum balance of fifty dollars (EC$50.00) is required. There are no charges to the account. Build this savings and use it as part security to your loans or as full security for character loans. 


Regular Deposits

A regular deposits account can be opened along with your primary savings. No minimum balance is required and there are no charges to the account. This account gives members a safe place to deposit their money and is instantly accessible.


School Savings

Teach your children the importance of “Smart Money Management” through a SPCCU School Savings Account. This account can be opened by parents or guardians and is geared towards students currently pursuing primary and secondary level education. The School Savings Account is designed to help students develop the habit of saving as a life-long skill.


Term Savings

Fixed Term Savings Account may give you a better rate of interest than an instant access account. The longer the term you choose, the higher the interest will be. 

We know the unexpected can happen so you can make further monthly deposits to your account. A minimum of 2 years term to suit your needs. Interest are paid quarterly. No early closure charges will apply.


Christmas Club

Christmas is a time for giving, sharing, and celebrating. With a SPCCU Christmas Club Account you can save towards the holiday and festive season.


SPCCU Educational Savings Account (SPCCU-ESA)

This saving plan gives our members who are parents or guardians an opportunity to save towards their children’s college education. Therefore, tertiary education expenses can be easily financed.

This plan allows members to take a loan at a low interest rate.


SPCCU Retirement Savings Account (SPCCU-RSA)

This savings plan gives members the opportunity of saving specifically for their retirement or golden years. Members can retire without having to worry about being financially secure.

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